UShovel Uses Twitter GeoTagging

Perhaps the combination of Twitter, Twitter's GeoTagging, and hashtags, could prove to be a viable competitor to classified ads sites like Craigslist.

In this case, helps people who need snow shoveling work.

So, if you need someone to shovel snow off your drive way, you go into your Twitter account, enable GeoTagging, and post a tweet using the "#ushovel" hashtag.

Someone looking for snow-shoveling work can find your tweet, and negotiate a price to do the job.

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System Config Scanner

FirePhoenix submits a cool website idea...

Hello, i thought about a website like this. You type in your system config (Processor, RAM memory, Graphic card, etc.) or let website scan it for you. Then the website shows you the list of games it recommends for your system conf. It would be a great website for gamers who want to find out some new games to play. Do not steal this idea please(Or at least give me credit) :)

This should actually be a script embedded into a larger website, such as a store like The script will match your system config to a list of titles on Amazon.

Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians

There's actually a blog called, "Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians"...


It features photos of guys, most of which are celebrities, who look like middle-age, or elderly, lesbians.

Goes to show you can blog about anything, as long as it captivates people's attention.

The blog monetizes its audience by selling t-shirts.

Wedding Speech Generator Website

Lawrence Bernstein, a London-based speech writer, has created a free-to-use website to help people craft a wedding speech.

"Charge Your Glasses" enables the father-of-the-bride, groom and best man to create their own speech by pulling together hundreds of perfectly crafted sections, jokes and toasts. It also includes speech tips for all three groups as well as the site's highlight: three quizzes that rate your relationship with your girlfriend, best friend and son-in-law!

The website monetizes itself with AdSense.

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My Private Hire

This interesting website offers a new concept to offer individuals the ability to hire out their personal items for cash and to make money. Owned and operated from the United Kingdom, the Website acts as a classifieds advertising portal, providing details about items that individuals have for hire… not for sale – ranging from motorbikes, computers, golf clubs, holiday villas to garages or lockups - in fact users could hire out absolutely anything!!!

The website offers an alternative to sites like eBay where you just sell your items. Why sell your items when you can hire them out and make money, all while keeping them for your own future use.

“This is not seen as being a competitor to eBay, but another outlet for individuals to make money from their personal items with the backing of pre-prepared hire agreements from the website.” ~ Philip Locke, owner and operator of the website is always adding new items for "hire" so check it out often. It may be operated out of the United Kingdom, but that offers a great opportunity for for those in the U.S. looking for a vacation rentals that wouldn't be seen elsewhere.

Tapeworm at the Toilet Bowl

This website tells the story of one guy's attempt at killing a tapeworm inside of his intestines.

As sickening as it might sound, he crafts his story in a very amusing and entertaining way, with cartoonish-graphics, and very creative writing.
I dropped everything and held my breath. This could not be happening. This was not my life. I began panting, all alone in a locked cubicle in a half-decent restaurant with a dead tapeworm hanging out my ass.
If you have a funny story to share, consider building a website around the story, much like this one. Consider that this particular website is getting blogged and shared with people all over the Internet.

The Flyer Wall

Everyone has seen a flyer wall covered with flyers for everything from rooms for rent to great local businesses. Paul Dixon, a web desginer in the UK has taken a new approach to this old form of advertising with his new website. The home page of the website serves as the "flyer wall" and is covered with "flyers" from a variety of businesses. Flyers start at 62x62 pixels for £25 ($45) and go up from there.

In addition to the Flyer Wall, Dixon has a blog where he discusses features of the site. Be sure to stop by and take a look at The Flyer Wall at
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