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About Cool Website Ideas

Whether it's funny, clever, or totally out of the ordinary, as long it'll stimulate the creative juices of web publishers, it's something you'll see on Cool Website Ideas.

Cool Website Ideas was launched for folks and organizations who make a living publishing websites. Anyone from bloggers, to affiliate marketers, to the next online entrepreneur, Cool Website Ideas hopes you'll say, "Now, why didn't I think of that?"

Officially launched on August 7, 2005, Cool Website Ideas is a property of Clear Digital Media, Inc.


Anonymous said...

What a great site this is!
Thank you very much for finding these sites for me to visit.
It must be hard to find such websites. I guess you must hear about quite a few of them by word of mouth, as all website ideas which are truly great spread quickly through people just talking about them.
Please keep adding to the list of websites, it was fun visiting them.
from Matt

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