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Audio Atrocities

"Rugburn For Your Eardrums"

Audio Atrocities is an online museum of bad voice-over acting in video games, covering game systems from Turbografx to present day systems. And there are some pretty bad ones in here. What's cool is that you can actually listen to them, because they recorded them as MP3 files.

Castle Shikigami 2 is a great example, of not only bad voice-over acting, but of poor English writing skills that Japanese people have become famous for. In this case, some of the lines end up with unintentional sexual innuendos...

"Don't come yet! Don't soil your hands..." [listen]

"A gentleman's come ... Oops! ... Not even a man" [listen]

"I'm beating down Evil. I'm not taking excuses. I'm beating you down. You're a real hot head, I like that. It'll be a honor to beat you." [listen]
Oh Baby, Baby! Beat me, Beat me!

Check out Audio Atrocities for plenty more audio funnies.


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