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Internet-Connected Washers & Dryers

Boy if this ain't a social commentary on the state of American youth! Now college kids can check on the progress of laundry machines at campuses across the USA.

LaundryView is a web service from Mac-Gray Corporation, a company that operates coin-op laundrymats all over America. The system involves washers and dryers that send information to a Wi-Fi network, which is connected to the campus' Wi-Fi network, allowing students to track their loads on their laptops and handhelds.

When a machine finishes, it can send an alert via e-mail, or text message.

The system also alerts the facility service department when a machine malfunctions.

Now, if they can only develop something like this for parking structures that can display all the available parking spaces on your PDA.


Bruce V. Bracken said...

I just use a timer.

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