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Road Rage Database

Everyone who has driven the roads the freeways has been the victim of road rage in one way or another. allows those people to vent their frustration by reporting a road rager to public scrutiny.

If someone cut you off, yelled an expletive at you, swerved too close to you, or did something to threaten to you, you can post a report on

When filling out a report, you can describe the angry driver in full detail. There is even a field to capture their license plate number. You can even search their database for a specific license plate number to see if you're in it!

The website also provides all the other usual materials and resources, such as a message board, tips, news, etc. But its database of reports seems to be its main draw. appears to have new reports posted almost everyday coming from around the country, indicating that is has managed to pick up some traction.

It's revenue appears to come from ad banners. They also sell t-shirts, bumper-stickers and other branded items through a Cafepress store. appears to have a lot of potential for becoming an even bigger success. All of their content is provided for free by the public. Each report is published on its own unique URL. It could do a better job of optimizing each report for search engines, mainly with the <TITLE> tags. Perhaps even law enforcement could query this database by licence plate number to build cases against a dangerous driver, or even determine where a driver was on a specific day and time.


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