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Sex Offender Notification Service

Safe Community Networks recently launched a web service called, "HomeWatch" allowing you to set up an account indicating where you live. It then notifies you whenever a registered sex offender moves into your town.

HomeWatch allows you to monitor up to two locations, while a premium service called, "HomeWatchPlus" allows you to monitor up to five.

Notification matching services have long been used by websites to send notices to their users whenever any content changes have been made. In this case, users don't necessarily perceive this to be the same thing. Even though HomeWatch is effectively a database of registered sex offenders, users don't really perceive this to be content, but as a service. Hence, they are more likely to pay.

HomeWatch sends notifications to is users via e-mail.

Initially, HomeWatch will be available in Florida only, with nationwide rollout coming later on.


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