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Cash for Change

Cash for Change is an online service for exchanging your jars of pennies and nickles for money (the usable kind).

So how does it work online? It turns out it doesn't really happen online. The website simply tells you to package up your coins and mail them to their processing facility.

You can imagine just how heavy a box of pennies can be! I checked their site to see what they had to say about paying for shipping costs. They don't. You have to pay for shipping yourself, naturally.

Oh, and Cash for Change reimburses you at 91.5%, meaning they keep the other 8.5% as their processing fee.

So let's recap:

1. You have to package it all up
2. You have to haul it to your local post office or shipping store
3. You have to pay for the shipping costs
4. You have to forfeit 8.5% of your coin value.

Sounds like a real winner to me!


Nick Douglas said...

Wow, that's wonderfully awful.

Anonymous said...

Local grocery supermarket has a booth that sorts your mscellaneous coins, prints a slip with total (that you take to cashier) for very low fee. A MUCH BETTER METHOD!

Anonymous said...

I used to use CoinStar in Supermarkets (yes, they charge 8% or so, I think) but now I go to BankAtlantic branches, and they have a machine and will do it for free. I don't even bank there, just go there to cash in my coins....

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite part was the "customer review" they posted. I can't believe this actually provides enough income to cover the costs of hosting the site.. but then again, judging by when the last comments were made, they've been open for almost 2 years?!

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