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Erotic Shiver

For every new medium, there is pornography.

That statement is supported by a new website from Amanda Clarkson, called "Erotic Shiver". While Clarkson might not appreciate our use of the word "pornography" that's effectively what it is nonetheless.

Erotic Shiver is said to be marketed towards married women who've found their sex lives to have flatlined. Instead of relying male-centered solutions such as penis creams and four-hour erection pills, Clarkson focuses on providing audio-erotica to women in the form of podcasts.

While I haven't listened to any of these podcasts, her audience could very well end being dominated by sex-starved males instead. In any case, porn always sells, and if you can disguise it as a "marriage enhancer for females", so much the better.


Sullycited said...

Unfortunately, is no longer in business. However, I have found a couple other providers of quality erotic audio stories:

Kayar Silkenvoice has a weekly erotic podcast called Silken On Sex, as well as a product catalog of 20 or so full-length erotic audio stories at Her voice is amazingly sexy, sulty, sensual -- all those 's' words. Her audios can appeal to men and women alike.

The Sayer of tells erotic stories specifically for women. He's got a sexy voice my wife says.

If anyone else knows of other good audioerotica story sites, do post about it.

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