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Online Karaoke Bar

For those of you who'd like to karaoke, but are too shy to blow your vocal chords in front of an audience, KSolo offers an alternative.

They offer a wide selection of karaoke-style songs that you can listen to online for free. In fact, you can just sit in front of your PC and sing along. Their website displays the lyrics to you while the song plays, just like on a karaoke machine.

If you're daring enough, you can use KSolo's online tools to record your voice over the songs, and play them back. If you think your vocal artistry is worth keeping, KSolo offers you space to save your recordings.

In fact, you can browse through their directory of users who've stored their recordings, and listen to their caterwallings, and even post comments.

It appears that KSolo has a partnership with Sound Choice, a company that sells karaoke CDs. Perhaps that's how KSolo built its database of songs.


marco said...


my singing is nothing to write home about, but I'm trying to build a little community for I'm hoping if enough people speak together we can get them put in some hard-missed features.
If you're interested, please take a look at Marco's kSolo Forum :)


EricaRoane25 said...

You can also find other online singing sites simular to KSolo by visiting my website Singer's Soiree:

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