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Save My Ass

Save My Ass is an online personal assistant that sends flowers to the woman in your life, several times a year, but on a random basis.

Got a woman who keeps complaining that you never do anything special for her anymore? Sign up with Save My Ass, and forget about it!

The service runs for one year, and by default they send flowers to your ball & chain on her birthday, Valentine's, Anniversary, and one special day that you define. Then they schedule an additional 6 or 7 deliveries on a random basis, but spaced out between 4-6 weeks from each other.

What guy can remember to keep his honey happy? I mean we spend enough time as it is thinking about the point spreads, hangin' with the guys at the bar, and reading Strange New Products. You just want to come home, have dinner waiting for you, watch some TV, and then have her polish the pine.

If you think about it, that's the benefit you'll get from Save My Ass.


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