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Brewtopia Uses Beer to Connect Strangers

Ever thought about taking a stroll down the street, stopping the first person you see walking towards you, and having a beer with him (or her)?

That's the kind of thing Brewtopia is celebrating.

It started with a guy named Dean Hunt, who decided to post a message on a forum seeking to have a brew (a cup of tea in England) with 2,000 strangers. The response was enormous.

Since then, Dean created this new website to encourage other people to do the same. All you have to do is a have a brew (tea or beer) with a total stranger, get someone to photograph the two of you, and e-mail it to Dean. Then, he'll post it on the site, along with your "story".


deano6410 said...


I am Dean Hunt the owner and founder of the Brewtopia movement.

It was an honour to see my site on here and I hope you guys take part in the project and go and have a brew with a complete stranger a.s.a.p

It really can change lives!

Anonymous said...

errr, doesn't work. hasn't worked for a couple of days. Maybe the owner fancied a poo. Pootopia movement!

deano6410 said...


The site was hacked on Saturday, but it is fine now.

If you wish to join in and help us with our campaign then contact me, we also now have a forum


Stu Mitchell said...

Seems that Dean Hunt has shut down this site, I have now bought the domain and hope to have it up running in the very near future, keeping the same idea intact. If you have any ideas or suggestions please email me at: [email protected]

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