Online Karaoke Bar

For those of you who'd like to karaoke, but are too shy to blow your vocal chords in front of an audience, KSolo offers an alternative.

They offer a wide selection of karaoke-style songs that you can listen to online for free. In fact, you can just sit in front of your PC and sing along. Their website displays the lyrics to you while the song plays, just like on a karaoke machine.

If you're daring enough, you can use KSolo's online tools to record your voice over the songs, and play them back. If you think your vocal artistry is worth keeping, KSolo offers you space to save your recordings.

In fact, you can browse through their directory of users who've stored their recordings, and listen to their caterwallings, and even post comments.

It appears that KSolo has a partnership with Sound Choice, a company that sells karaoke CDs. Perhaps that's how KSolo built its database of songs.

Shop Marriott

Marriott International, Inc., which operates all those Marriott Hotels, has launched a new website called "Shop Marriott", which allows consumers to buy the same furnishings found in their hotel rooms.

Everything from bed linens, the beds themselves, lamps, televisions, chairs, and exercise equipment is there.

Marriott says that they came up with the idea for this website after receiving inquiries from guests on where they can purchase the same stuff for their homes.

Erotic Shiver

For every new medium, there is pornography.

That statement is supported by a new website from Amanda Clarkson, called "Erotic Shiver". While Clarkson might not appreciate our use of the word "pornography" that's effectively what it is nonetheless.

Erotic Shiver is said to be marketed towards married women who've found their sex lives to have flatlined. Instead of relying male-centered solutions such as penis creams and four-hour erection pills, Clarkson focuses on providing audio-erotica to women in the form of podcasts.

While I haven't listened to any of these podcasts, her audience could very well end being dominated by sex-starved males instead. In any case, porn always sells, and if you can disguise it as a "marriage enhancer for females", so much the better.

Cash for Change

Cash for Change is an online service for exchanging your jars of pennies and nickles for money (the usable kind).

So how does it work online? It turns out it doesn't really happen online. The website simply tells you to package up your coins and mail them to their processing facility.

You can imagine just how heavy a box of pennies can be! I checked their site to see what they had to say about paying for shipping costs. They don't. You have to pay for shipping yourself, naturally.

Oh, and Cash for Change reimburses you at 91.5%, meaning they keep the other 8.5% as their processing fee.

So let's recap:

1. You have to package it all up
2. You have to haul it to your local post office or shipping store
3. You have to pay for the shipping costs
4. You have to forfeit 8.5% of your coin value.

Sounds like a real winner to me!


Here's a cool new concept. Grafedia is effectively an online repository of image and audio files uploaded by ordinary folks to their server. But what makes it unique is that the only way to retrieve the files is by seeing handwritten graffiti on walls, trains, benches, or any object, and then sending an e-mail.

The rule is to write the grafitti in blue, with an underline, just like standard hyperlinked text.

For example, you could write "Hillary Clinton for President" on a wall somewhere.

Go ahead, click the hyperlink. It will open up an e-mail window. Just send the e-mail, WITH NO SUBJECT LINE, no message, nothing else. In a few moments, you'll get an image back in return.

See how powerful it is?

Cell Journalist

With Cell Journalist, folks with camera-phones can become photo journalists. The new webservice allows ordinary folks on the street to upload pictures from their camera-phones to their database, making them available to media outlets.

If you happen to witness a newsworthy event, like a hijacking, a bombing, or whatever, and you have your camera-phone with you, you can photograph the scene and upload it to Cell Journalist on the spot, and get paid $50.00 every time a newspaper or television news station downloads it.

Lonely Socks

Lonely Socks is an online database of socks that somehow got separated from their twins. Got a sock in your dresser and can't find the other one? Post a photo of your "lonely sock" on the website, and who knows, maybe someone might know what happened to it.