Turn Your E-mail Account into a Reminder Tool

Ewizmo is a free tool you can use to send yourself "reminder" e-mails. It offers the added functionality of tagging these e-mails with labels, which fits in well with Gmail accounts.

Why send yourself reminder e-mails? If you're at work, and you don't have access to your personal e-mail account, you can open up Ewizmo, and send yourself notes to home for stuff like, "wash the dog", "Animal House, 8pm, HBO", or "delete porn". It's useful in places where employers have tight controls on company e-mail usage.

Even if you don't use Gmail, you can still make use of the label feature by creating folders in your e-mail client, and setting up rules that search for label text.

Interestingly, the Ewizmo website itself is sized into a narrow column, making it PDA and cellphone friendly, or allowing you size the window down really small.

Days of Our Lives ~ Daily Rewards

Looking to cash in on all the time you've spent watching daytime television? Now is your chance! NBC launched an interesting new site to celebrate the 40th Anniversary (can you believe that?) of Days of Our Lives by offering viewers "Daily Rewards".

Days of Our Lives fans can register for free on the site and answer a daily question to earn points towards Sony products, autographed memorabilia, and much more.

Not only will this new site increase loyalty to a long time favorite show, it will actually reward you for watching. What other soap offers you this???

Airline Meals

Airline Meals is an online archive of meals and snacks offered by airline companies.

Click on the link labeled, "Browse thousands of inflight meals", and then scroll down to find the airline company you're interested in seeing.

Photos and reviews of the edible offerings are uploaded by actual passengers. They also photos and reviews of what the crew gets to eat, and honestly, I'm not sure if it's any better.

Still, Airline Meals offers us another great way to waste company time.

Via Uber-Review

Unemployed Loser

Unemployed Loser is effectively another one of those advertising sites, where you buy a link on the site. But in this case, the website's owner, is pitching himself as an "umemployed loser" who wants you to help him become a millionaire...

Hi, my name is Mike, I'm 24 years old and I'm an unemployed loser. I live at my parents house near the shore in southern New Jersey. My goal in making this site is to eventually acquire $1,000,000 in donations so I can fulfill my dream to live out the rest of my life as an unemployed loser.
Apparently, he's already made a bunch of money. All the links on the left-hand column are paid links. The more you pay, the higher your link is listed.


CarBuyHer is an informational site marketed towards women, to help them learn about the facts of buying and maintaining a car.

It provides a variety of lead-in articles like Timing Your Purchase, We'll Pay Off Your Trade, and VIN Cloning, helping women understand the dynamics of trade-ins, how to get a better deal when car buying, and how to look out for vehicle theft. It even has resources to teach women how to use their sex-appeal when buying a car.

The website's creators note that 50 percent of women are buying new cars and 48 percent are buying used cars, and women, both single and married are handling the majority of their own car repairs. CarBuyHer considers itself to be the "New Voice" for the female automobile consumer.


Trulia is effectively a search engine, in the classic sense, such as with examples like Google and Inktomi. But it's focused on real estate property listings.

It has a robot that crawls the Internet searching for websites that feature property listings, delineates the data into fields, and then stores it into its database. Home buyers armed with Internet access can browse listings in its database for free, and then contact the agent associated with the property.

Right now, Trulia is in beta form, and only contains properties in California.

But reading through its pages, it sounds like they're putting a lot of focus on using XML feeds to supply its database, and why not? It would certainly provide more accurate information, and migrate itself into becoming a feed-based search engine rather than crawler-based.

Save My Ass

Save My Ass is an online personal assistant that sends flowers to the woman in your life, several times a year, but on a random basis.

Got a woman who keeps complaining that you never do anything special for her anymore? Sign up with Save My Ass, and forget about it!

The service runs for one year, and by default they send flowers to your ball & chain on her birthday, Valentine's, Anniversary, and one special day that you define. Then they schedule an additional 6 or 7 deliveries on a random basis, but spaced out between 4-6 weeks from each other.

What guy can remember to keep his honey happy? I mean we spend enough time as it is thinking about the point spreads, hangin' with the guys at the bar, and reading Strange New Products. You just want to come home, have dinner waiting for you, watch some TV, and then have her polish the pine.

If you think about it, that's the benefit you'll get from Save My Ass.