Brewtopia Uses Beer to Connect Strangers

Ever thought about taking a stroll down the street, stopping the first person you see walking towards you, and having a beer with him (or her)?

That's the kind of thing Brewtopia is celebrating.

It started with a guy named Dean Hunt, who decided to post a message on a forum seeking to have a brew (a cup of tea in England) with 2,000 strangers. The response was enormous.

Since then, Dean created this new website to encourage other people to do the same. All you have to do is a have a brew (tea or beer) with a total stranger, get someone to photograph the two of you, and e-mail it to Dean. Then, he'll post it on the site, along with your "story".

Sexy Swami

Talk about an interesting site! The Sexy Swami site features the young woman you see on the right who possesses magical powers that she uses to select a product that you can purchase on (or other online retailer). You choose from different categories: Jewlery, Electronics, Books or Music.

It is definitely an interesting twist on the boring affiliate advertising!