Excuse List

www.excuselist.com - This website features a long list of excuses more original than "My dog ate my homework". The excuses are placed in categories that include School, Work, Diet, Computer, Church, Home, Police, Sports, Bowling, Politics, I'd Love To, But and General. Most are only funny to kids, but there are some that I may try out at work!


Here's a neat idea for a blog. Post people's complaints about FEMA.

DearFEMA publishes people's rants and complains of to FEMA, public officials, insurance companies, and other public and private agencies.

The blog launched on December 6, in response to public dissatisfaction over the way Hurricane Katrina relief is being handled.

Not sure how well this kind of content can be monetized. It does run AdSense ads, but looking at the ads, it's mostly stuff selling insurance policies and legal assistance. But, it ought to generate some compelling content.

Your Fan Mail

A radio show host in Washington DC has started a site called "Your Fan Mail". It will send you e-mails telling you how great you are, and how much they adore you. This way you can be a celebrity too.

I haven't signed up for this, so I can't tell you much about it.

However, doesn't this have some great potential as a marketing engine?

People visit this site, and submit their name and e-mail, and receive e-mail on a regular basis. Imagine writing the e-mail text in ways that incorporate product promotions, or reference other websites.

Now, if they only expand on the sign-up process to include more pieces of information, such as sex, age, and hobbies, then they could turn it into a powerful marketing machine.

Washington Post Launches New Congressional Votes Tool

Washingtonpost.com announced the launch of a new Congressional Votes Database Tool. The online tool allows users to search the full voting records of Congress from 1991 (102nd Congress) through the current 109th Congress.

The Congressional Votes Database is searchable in several categories, including:

* By Senator or Representative
* By Bill
* By Party
* By State
* By Region
* By Baby Boomer Status
* By Votes Missed
* And just for fun, by Zodiac Sign

The daily updated tool also offers the ability to download RSS feeds for each Congressperson to track individual votes as they are recorded.

Owise Registers Your Future Predictions

Owise.com is billed as the world's first "Neural Prediction Community". Just recently launched, it claims its members have registered predictions that are more accurate than many experts. Owise uses neural network-like techniques to combine individual opinions and predict the chances that future events occur.

Owise.com uses innovative techniques to estimate the chances of future events occurring by combining the opinions of its members, who are called "analysts". Each analyst's track record is carefully maintained, and used to determine how much weight that analyst's opinion has on future predictions. Owise members with good performance receive titles, such as Senior Analyst, as well as cash prizes. Anyone can join Owise without cost and start building their track record and title.