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Tapeworm at the Toilet Bowl

This website tells the story of one guy's attempt at killing a tapeworm inside of his intestines.


As sickening as it might sound, he crafts his story in a very amusing and entertaining way, with cartoonish-graphics, and very creative writing.
I dropped everything and held my breath. This could not be happening. This was not my life. I began panting, all alone in a locked cubicle in a half-decent restaurant with a dead tapeworm hanging out my ass.
If you have a funny story to share, consider building a website around the story, much like this one. Consider that this particular website is getting blogged and shared with people all over the Internet.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hysterical! LOL

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Funny..funny.. This was great reading..will give it a link for sure ...

cheers.. From the states.

Deborrah said...

That was the grossest thing I've ever read. I was alternately horrified then laughing my ass off! Great little site.

I said...

I could read past a few paragraphs. Thanks for traumatizing me.

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