Build Your Own Chair Online

BioFit Engineered Products has a website allowing people to build their own customized office chair online.

Customers can see how different chair components and options would look and perform in their particular applications. After a new chair is configured online, the customer can email the result to BioFit for a price quote within one working day.

You can customize the upholstery, the base, the style, the back rest, the seat, arm rest, seat controls, color, just about everything.

Smash My Dodge Viper is one of those pixel advertising sites with a giant board of pixel ads.

Pixel ad sites are a dime-a-dozen these days. So to help sell pixels, the owners of SmashMyViper have set up a gimmick where you can smash their Dodge Viper car.

You don't really get to smash it in person (Ah shucks!). But when you purchase a pixel ad, you get to watch a video where you (or a make-believe person of you) renders some level of damage.

The more pixels you buy, the more damage you get to do, ranging from a keying the paint job, to whacking the car with a baseball bat, to drilling holes in it. If you throw in $100.00 you get to watch hot sexy girl do the damage.

SpongeBob Does Iron Maiden

This guy took a bunch of Iron Maiden album covers, and replaced Eddie with SpongeBob Square Pants.

Ok, so maybe this is not a "Cool Website Idea", but a "Cool Webpage Idea". However, it would make for a really cool website if you could put SpongeBob on thousands of the world's most recognizable album covers.