Medication Prompt

Medication Prompt is a text messaging service reminding people to take their pills.

You enter your phone number, and the times you need to take your pills, and it sends you a cellphone reminder to take your pills.

It's currently a free service, and you can set up as many reminders as you want.


LunchSpark helps people find new lunch buddies.

Tired of eating lunch alone? LunchSpark lets you define your preferences, such as favorite food, restaurants, and what city(ies) you're close to. Then you can run a search for a buddy, or wait for someone to contact you.

Obviously, it's a great way for guys and gals to meet each other. But because it's focused on lunch, it doesn't have a "romance" feel. Poking around the site, it's very much open to just finding a friend to chow down with.

For guys like me, who work out of their homes, and don't have co-workers to interact with, it's a great idea.