Tapeworm at the Toilet Bowl

This website tells the story of one guy's attempt at killing a tapeworm inside of his intestines.


As sickening as it might sound, he crafts his story in a very amusing and entertaining way, with cartoonish-graphics, and very creative writing.
I dropped everything and held my breath. This could not be happening. This was not my life. I began panting, all alone in a locked cubicle in a half-decent restaurant with a dead tapeworm hanging out my ass.
If you have a funny story to share, consider building a website around the story, much like this one. Consider that this particular website is getting blogged and shared with people all over the Internet.

The Flyer Wall

Everyone has seen a flyer wall covered with flyers for everything from rooms for rent to great local businesses. Paul Dixon, a web desginer in the UK has taken a new approach to this old form of advertising with his new website. The home page of the website serves as the "flyer wall" and is covered with "flyers" from a variety of businesses. Flyers start at 62x62 pixels for £25 ($45) and go up from there.

In addition to the Flyer Wall, Dixon has a blog where he discusses features of the site. Be sure to stop by and take a look at The Flyer Wall at www.theflyerwall.co.uk.