My Private Hire

This interesting website offers a new concept to offer individuals the ability to hire out their personal items for cash and to make money. Owned and operated from the United Kingdom, the Website acts as a classifieds advertising portal, providing details about items that individuals have for hire… not for sale – ranging from motorbikes, computers, golf clubs, holiday villas to garages or lockups - in fact users could hire out absolutely anything!!!

The website offers an alternative to sites like eBay where you just sell your items. Why sell your items when you can hire them out and make money, all while keeping them for your own future use.

“This is not seen as being a competitor to eBay, but another outlet for individuals to make money from their personal items with the backing of pre-prepared hire agreements from the website.” ~ Philip Locke, owner and operator of the website is always adding new items for "hire" so check it out often. It may be operated out of the United Kingdom, but that offers a great opportunity for for those in the U.S. looking for a vacation rentals that wouldn't be seen elsewhere.