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UShovel Uses Twitter GeoTagging

Perhaps the combination of Twitter, Twitter's GeoTagging, and hashtags, could prove to be a viable competitor to classified ads sites like Craigslist.

In this case, helps people who need snow shoveling work.

So, if you need someone to shovel snow off your drive way, you go into your Twitter account, enable GeoTagging, and post a tweet using the "#ushovel" hashtag.

Someone looking for snow-shoveling work can find your tweet, and negotiate a price to do the job.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool idea, this will definitly fly. Perfect for advertising work like lawn cutting, computer help, help with installation of home electroics, car cleaning, changing tires, simple carpenting stuff, etc.

Anonymous said...

its confusing.. i wanted an idea.. not work silly said...

working idea that is the problem !!

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