UShovel Uses Twitter GeoTagging

Perhaps the combination of Twitter, Twitter's GeoTagging, and hashtags, could prove to be a viable competitor to classified ads sites like Craigslist.

In this case, helps people who need snow shoveling work.

So, if you need someone to shovel snow off your drive way, you go into your Twitter account, enable GeoTagging, and post a tweet using the "#ushovel" hashtag.

Someone looking for snow-shoveling work can find your tweet, and negotiate a price to do the job.

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System Config Scanner

FirePhoenix submits a cool website idea...

Hello, i thought about a website like this. You type in your system config (Processor, RAM memory, Graphic card, etc.) or let website scan it for you. Then the website shows you the list of games it recommends for your system conf. It would be a great website for gamers who want to find out some new games to play. Do not steal this idea please(Or at least give me credit) :)

This should actually be a script embedded into a larger website, such as a store like The script will match your system config to a list of titles on Amazon.